At Camp, we’re huge believers in the concept of “unplugging” over the summer – namely, separating our campers (and counselors) from their cell phones and other electronics devices for the 8 weeks of camp.  But it’s not just us – every piece of educational research, including recent studies by the American Camp Association, have shown real statistical value in using the summer as a time for our technologically saturated children to enjoy everything that camp has to offer.

With that in mind, we are enlisting your help in accomplishing this goal.  We’re asking that you please remind your children of Camp Harmony’s long standing policy that CELL PHONES AND OTHER ELECTRONICS DEVICES ARE NOT PERMITTED AT CAMP.  Not only does this avoid possibilities like breakage or theft but it also helps to reinforce our goal of making the summer a time to hone a wide array of interpersonal skills.  Keeping cell phones at home also avoids significant privacy issues of campers posting pictures of other campers on social media without their permission.

In order to help maintain the safety and privacy of our campers and staff, campers who bring cell phones or other electronic devices to camp will immediately be asked to return the device to their cubby for the remainder of the day.  If the device returns to Camp, our Division Unit Heads will take the time to speak with the camper about the importance of leaving it at home and will hand the device to the van driver at the end of the day who will then return it directly to that child’s parents.  As a reminder, Camp Harmony cannot be responsible for lost, stolen or broken devices that are brought into Camp in violation of our policies.

From our van rides to activities at Camp, we work hard so that our campers never need a cell phone, iPod, iPad or any other electronic device to keep them engaged!  And should you ever need to reach us in an emergency, our phone number, (800) 842-2842, is staffed by real live humans from 8am-5pm, M-F.

Take the pledge and help your kids unplug for the summer!