is more than just some catch phrase or logo found on our staff’s shirts – it’s something to believe in!  The tradition of this magical phrase has been passed on from generation to generation, and while its exact origin has been lost, its mystery lives on.

Every single morning, the entire Camp comes together at Flag Raising where, among other things, we all look to the sky, tilt our heads back, raise our hands and shout "" to push the clouds off and give us the sunny days that we all live for!  The determination of the exact number of 's for a given morning is a closely guarded secret, known only to Jerry… but we do know charts are analyzed, weather patterns calculated and meteorologists consulted.  While many have doubted their true power, every camper, staff member (and most parents!) leave each summer boggled at the fact that it can be raining literally within feet of Mt. Horeb Road but not a drop will fall on Camp Harmony.  , for some magical reason, REALLY does keep the rain away…and you can’t find that anywhere else!