Campers are asked to wear a Camp Harmony shirt every single day during the summer (and whenever else the mood strikes them)! Not only does this keep your normal clothes safe from dirt, paint and rips but it also serves as one of our best security features, making it easy to spot someone who doesn’t belong on our grounds. For this reason, all of our staff also are required to wear Camp Harmony shirts whenever on grounds.

Camp Harmony “gear” must be worn even on those days which call for special dress, Example: for Red, White & Blue Day, we still want our campers to wear red, white and/or blue as pants or socks, but still wear the matching camp shirt.

We often get the question, “How many shirts do I need?!” That’s a tough one…but it really boils down to how often you want to do laundry! Some families buy 3 shirts and others buy 10. It’s completely up to you! We will say that many of our campers like to have at least one white Camp Harmony shirt to tye-dye on Caribbean Day.

T-shirts are sold at our T-Shirt Extravaganza every June in the Camp Harmony gym.  We ask that families please make every effort to attend (or send a friend, neighbor, etc.) since ordering shirts over the summer is discouraged.

Our annual T-shirt Sale will be held in the Camp Harmony Gym on Saturday, June 10, 2017 from 2:00pm-5:00pm.

Feel free to park in either the Lower Parking Lot off Mt. Horeb Road or the large gravel Top Parking Lot off Harmony Road and make your way to the Gym. We'll see you there to pick up a new assortment of shirts for your camper(s) this coming summer.  In addition, a special Camp Harmony Nalgene water bottle will be on sale but quantities are limited and are first come, first served!  As in the past, we'll gladly accept cash, checks and credit cards and will have your complementary new Camp Harmony backpack waiting!  Feel free to send grandparents, friends, neighbors, personal shoppers, etc. – all are welcome.

In order to make the experience even better, we are extending two different discounts for those who join us on Saturday or at our midweek sale.  First, as in the past, we will be offering a “Buy 4, Get 1 Free” deal on all regularly priced t-shirts, tanks and sweatshirts!  Second, visiting us on either of those days means shopping with our initial discounted pricing.  Regular pricing will be in effect for clothing purchased outside of these dates or during the summer.

We often get the question, “How many shirts do I need?!”  That’s a tough one…but it really boils down to how often you want to do laundry!  Some families buy 3 shirts and others buy 10.  It’s completely up to you!  We will say that many of our campers like to have at least one white Camp Harmony shirt to tye-dye for Caribbean Day.

In addition, we will also be having a limited sale on Thursday, June 22 from 4:00-6:30pm but for the best selection and most options, we highly suggest attending the Saturday sale.

Any questions, feel free to reach out to Carol Director at carol@uggabugga.com.


Other Clothing
In addition to purchased shirts, campers will also receive a personalized Camp Harmony backpack prior to the start of Camp (included with tuition and waiting for you at our T-Shirt Day in June).  After years of trying to limit the amount of packing and re-packing bags you have to do as a parent, we’ve finally developed a system of only sending bags home on Friday afternoons and sending them back in on Monday mornings.  Bathing suits & towels should be sent each Monday and we’ll see to it that they are returned to you for laundry each Friday. The other items will be kept in the campers’ cubbies for the season and sent home during the last week. 

We ask that ALL items be clearly labeled with camper's full name (first and last name, since sometimes items are left at the pools, on the fields, or in the playgrounds not just in the cabin where we could identify to which group the item belonged).  Returning the items is possible when the full name is inside the item in an obvious location.  Children just do not claim their clothing if it is not marked! Want to make the label process as simple as possible? Check out our friends at https://www.irononmdlabels.com/ for a great selection of easy to use labels!


Reusable Water Bottles

Remaining hydrated all throughout the day is so important to our children’s health, especially in the hot summer weather.  Frequent hydration breaks are taken at water stations all throughout the grounds but every summer we go through literally tens of thousands of disposable plastic cups, often times used just once and then thrown away!  In order to continue our mission to go green and to help teach our children the value of lessening their environmental footprint, we are encouraging campers to bring their own reusable water bottle of Camp that they will use and refill all throughout the day.

Water bottles can be sent in on Mondays in your campers’ backpacks along with their towels and bathing suits and will come back on Friday to be washed and returned for the next week.  Water bottles need to be labeled with your child’s first and last name and CAN NOT BE GLASS.  We encourage the use of BPA-free heavy duty plastic bottles (like Nalgene) or stainless steel varieties.  Campers 2-4 years old should feel free to bring in age-appropriate sippy cups.

Want the perfect water bottle for this summer? Check out the brand new designs on sale at this summer's T-Shirt Sales! More information above.

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