Camp Harmony prides itself on giving campers a true traditional summer camp experience!  This means, among other things, that swimming plays a large role in your camper’s day.  We are very proud to offer both structured and free swims in our three heated pools. 

The smallest pool (our “Small Pool”) ranges from a shallow end that is approx. 1 foot deep to a deep end that is approx. 3 feet deep. Our Small Pool is used by our 3-5 year olds, with our 5 year olds visiting our larger pools at various times throughout the summer (to help ease their transition). The second pool (our ‘Big Pool”) is used by our 6-12 year olds and ranges from 2 to 6 feet deep.  This pool features our 180 foot waterslide, which you may have seen while driving down Mt. Horeb Road.  The third, and newest, pool (our “Upper Pool”) ranges from 2 to 8 feet deep and features a 15 foot cargo-ladder waterslide.  In all of our pools, the shallow ends are separated from the deep end by a clearly marked rope.  Campers must pass a deep-water test to be allowed to swim in the deep end of all of our pools (however our test is offered all summer long, whenever a camper is ready to try)!

Each pool is staffed by a Head Lifeguard and at least three other lifeguards, all certified by the American Red Cross in lifeguarding, first aid & CPR.  All three pools and their staff are overseen by our Aquatics Director, JoAnn, who besides being a Lifeguard is also a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) by the National Swimming Pool Foundation.  Our lifeguards are constantly training throughout the summer, running safety checks each day and practicing life-saving skills during various mock drills.

Swim Instruction is probably the most important program offered in camp as it prepares children to be safe in the water, improves swim skills, and develops strength and endurance. Each group is scheduled for 30 minutes of swim instruction every morning of Camp.  All of our lifeguards teach lessons in small-groups which are divided by ability level as based on the American Red Cross Learn-To-Swim Levels.  Because we utilize a group-teaching model, students are never held back if their skills are advancing quicker than the group.

As important as swim instruction is at Camp, we also realize the need to have fun in the water!  In order to make this a reality, each group is scheduled for 45 minutes of free swim every single afternoon!  On very hot days (affectionately called “Coney Island Days”) we even schedule groups for extra time at our pools.