Our Specialty Areas are what make up the bulk of our campers’ schedules.  At Camp Harmony, we place a very high value on quality staff running quality specialty areas.  Most areas are staffed by a Specialty Head and, in many cases, multiple Specialty Counselors.

While the vast array of activities can seem a bit daunting, don’t worry!  We do all of the hard work in individually crafting each group’s schedule to be custom-tailored to that group’s age & gender.  That said, every camper will get a chance to experience every activity every week.  Specialty Heads are trained to make activities age specific.  Example: Every group, from our 3 year old Blueberrys to our 13 year old Buckskins will be scheduled at Ropes; the Specialty staff simply crafts lessons that are appropriate to their age and skill levels.

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There is nothing that makes you feel like you're at home at summer camp than Archery! Campers who are entering 1st grade or older learn FIRST about the most important part of archery: safety! Range commands ("Archers to the line"), how to hold the equipment, proper firing techniques and how to safely remove arrows from targets build the basis for a safe and fun archery experience. Taught by a Archery instructor certified through the National Archery Association of the United States, campers use recurve bows, ACA regulated field tip arrows and provided armguards. After the safety skills have been perfected, campers spend their time firing from 8 different "stalls" (separated for safety by plexiglass) and shooting at targets, vintage skill pins, water balloons and more!

There's not much more of a quintessential summer camp experience than Arts & Crafts! Art is an integral part of growing up. For our children it is a way for them to explore, be creative, get messy, express themselves, be inspired, develop small and large muscles, learn new vocabulary, and so much more. Art can be one of the many languages children have to represent what they are interested in, what they want to know more about, or what they have learned. They take risks, observe, evaluate, use problem-solving and critical thinking skills, make decisions, find solutions and hopefully never lose their sense of awe and wonder with world. Projects in the Arts & Crafts are varied and unique – all custom crafted for that specific group’s age.  Some projects are tailored to our special days (like making crazy hats for Crazy Hat Day) and others tie in parts of our greater campus, melding nature and art together.  (Of course, old favorites like lanyard to make bracelets, anklets, and key chains and also available.)

“Cooking is at once child’s play and adult joy”, once remarked Craig Claiborne. Building a love for cooking at a young age sets our children up for a lifetime of healthy eating habits and a love for sustainable, homemade foods. Hands-on cooking activities help children develop pride and confidence in their skills and abilities. The act of following a recipe can encourage self-direction and independence, while also teaching children to follow directions and use thinking skills to problem solve. Fine motor development is reinforced through things like chopping, squeezing, spreading, and mixing. Cooking inspires children’s curiosity, thinking, and problem solving, offering new opportunities to make predictions and observations. Additionally, cooking offers authentic opportunities for students to understand and apply their knowledge of measuring, one-to-one correspondence, numbers, and counting. As they follow a recipe, children organize ingredients, follow a sequence, and carry out multiple directions. Campers become classic chefs during our cooking program!  Age-appropriate recipes allow campers to create their own treats and snacks in a supervised environment (and bring home the recipes to make over and over again)!  All recipes follow our strict allergy guidelines.  For more information on our Allergy Awareness & Nut-Free Environment, click here.

Dance should be an awesome learning experience for all ages. “It is one of the most innate and primal relationships that an individual can have to the universe. For children, dance serves as a pre-verbal skill that is achieved before words can even be formed” (National Dance Education Organization). It is a powerful ally for developing many of the attributes of a growing child. Through the use of creative movement in a this specific outlet, our campers will experience the beauty and euphoria that dance provides while achieving a greater and stronger sense of self. Taught by an experienced dance instructor, this specialty area has become a hit with girls and…boys!  Lessons are crafted to be gender specific with focuses on modern dance & performances for those that want to showcase their skills in front of the entire Camp!

Be who you want to be and own it - THAT'S what summer camp is about! Dramatic play is central to children's healthy development and learning during their younger years. Creativity is imbued in everything we do – from acting to dress-up – and our grounds are filled with staff who encourage students to exercise their most important muscle to build imagination, their brain. In Drama, our campers explore their experiences by pretending to be someone or something different from themselves. They make up situations and actions that go along with the roles they choose. Research shows that children who engage in dramatic play tend to demonstrate more empathy toward others because they have tried out being someone else for a while. They have the skills to cooperate with peers, control impulses, and are less aggressive than children who do not engage in this type of play. But most important is the imagination muscle. When they pretend, children create pictures in their minds about past experiences and the situations they imagine. These images are a form of abstract thinking. They learn from one another as they share ideas and solve problems together and in the end, know they can be whoever they want to be! Our Drama Specialty Head teaches the campers to enter imaginary worlds and to become fun characters, act out comics, plan their own performances and so much more!

Using a combination of storytelling, folklore, arts & crafts, and song & dance, at Earthlore our campers learn about and appreciate how different cultures connect to and see the world.  Drawing heavily from Native America lore and practice, each week we learn another way to marvel at the world around us, and to walk softly upon our Mother, the Earth.  Based out of the Earthlore Cabin located near our Top Field, projects range from making “ojo de dios”  (God’s eye), to learning one’s Indian name, to learning about the four directions and the four elements, we open our eyes, ears, minds, and hearts to all who walk this earth with us.  As we say in Earthlore, “Ma Xica Tenemec” (may you all be well)!

This new specialty area in 2015 let's our campers plant, grow, cultivate and farm – it’s what the outdoors is all about. Ecology brings together hands-on exploration of our brand new garden and composting area and mixes in nature hikes, digging, farming and more into one awesome experience. Flo's Garden (recently dedicated in memory of Jerry Director's mother) serves as the centerpiece where vegetables and herbs will be planted, grown, harvested and then given to our kitchen to be used in the very lunches we all eat! It's local, it's sustainable - it's Ecology at Camp Harmony!

Gaga (often called "Israel dodgeball") is an Israeli sport that has become a summer camp staple!  This form of pinball is played inside our brand new gaga court - an enclosed octagonal court with approximately 4-foot high walls that sits between our Rink and Upper Tennis Court.  If you are hit below your knees you’re out - avoid the bouncing ball and maybe you can be the Gaga King/Queen!  Join the phenomenon that IS gaga at Camp Harmony!

Go for the gold in our state-of-the-art Gymnastics Center within the Gym Building! Our trained instructor teaches gymnastics basics to the youngest campers and advanced skills to those who have had previous training. Gymnastics elements include the pommel horse, balance beam, TumblTrak 10 foot trampoline and a huge array of different mats and tumbling equpiment. Campers also learn appropriate exercise techniques and stretches, all reinforcing the role that movement plays in our bodies' development.

Introducing a brand NEW specialty area at Camp for 2017: Makerspace! Growing more and more popular in schools across the country, Makerspace combines all the concepts of project design and execution into a workspace filled with a crazy array materials, from cotton balls to pieces of PVC to 2x4s. Campers will get hands-on experience with planning, design, building, problem solving, testing and experimentation all wrapped into an engaging and child-driven program that teaches 21st century skills. The area will be based out of our brand new Makerspace Workshop in the Gym as well as awesome outdoor design areas! Makerspace will be on all of our campers' schedules and available for Clubs & Clinics and CHOICE. Get making!

Time to hit the links! Our 9-hole Harmony National miniature golf course is full of challenges, even for the most experienced golf pro!  Older groups are known to run tournaments throughout the summer.

Singing is an integral part of Camp life!  Songs about Camp Harmony and other popular songs can be heard around camp – from Tuesdays in the Lunchroom to the annual Buckskin/Shadyside Lock-In But music is more than just singing songs! Our campers learn the beginnings of volume, tone, notes and composition. Groups make their own songs, play all sorts of music-themed games and even learn how to lead large groups in song sessions (great for those camp fires when they get older). Whether you can carry a tune or appreciate a good playlist, our Music Studio in the Farmhouse building is the right spot.

Our real-life boarded "street hockey" rink is an awesome place for campers to fine-tune their stick skills! Campers not only get a chance to work on various hockey drills but also face-off against each other in hockey games. For our youngest campers (2-4 year olds), the Rink is not just for hockey - it's for whizzing around in their awesome PlasmaCar scooters! This flat, enclosed area makes the perfect "race track" for our young campers to feel the breeze in their hair! (Rollerblades are not required for Rink!)

Our Adventure Ropes course is made up of three distinct areas: our Low Ropes elements (including the Cargo Net, Monkey Bridge and envelope), our High Ropes course (including our 20’ Rock-Climbing Wall, 20’ Cargo Net and Cable Swing) and our 400’ zip line (located on our Top Field)!  Run by one of the largest specialty staffs, all of our Ropes instructors are certified annually by The Adventure Network and follow the strictest safety regulations.  Campers work on team building, cooperation, and problem solving in various physical situations.  Our High Ropes course is primarily used by campers who are at least 6 years old, although even our youngest Blueberrys have gotten a chance to try it out!  All campers who climb are required to wear a helmet, harness and sneakers.

Our Sports program is varying and one of our largest single specialty areas at Camp.  Coordinated and custom tailored to each individual age level and gender, our Sports program is designed to meet the needs and desires of all age groups.  Sports learned and played include: wiffleball, t-ball, baseball/softball, soccer, kickball, basketball, volleyball, and various other field and traditional “Camp” activities.  Trained instructors teach sports skills with emphasis on learning and development of skills and by stressing the fun of the game. Sports takes place either on our 3 acres of athletic fields, outdoor beach volleyball court or inside our 5000 sq. ft. air-conditioned Gym.

This means, among other things, that swimming plays a large role in your camper’s day. We are very proud to offer both structured and free swims in our three heated pools. Swim Instruction is probably the most important program offered in camp as it prepares children to be safe in the water, improves swim skills, and develops strength and endurance. Each group is scheduled for 30 minutes of swim instruction every morning of Camp. All of our lifeguards teach lessons in small-groups which are divided by ability level as based on the American Red Cross Learn-To-Swim Levels. Because we utilize a group-teaching model, students are never held back if their skills are advancing quicker than the group. As important as swim instruction is at Camp, we also realize the need to have fun in the water! In order to make this a reality, each group is scheduled for 45 minutes of free swim every single afternoon! To learn more about the aquatics program at Camp, click here.

Tennis stands alone from the full Sports program and allows all campers to be scheduled for tennis lessons at least once each week at one of two outdoor courts. Through playing some camp-favorite games like "King of the Court", campers learn valuable tennis skills and practice everything from correct grip to forehands, backhands and volleys. But even more than that, our tennis instructors teach our kids about the game itself - scoring, rules and so much more - all in anticipation for a Harmony alum to one day win Wimbledon! (Camp Harmony provides rackets, although some avid players prefer to bring their own.)

Pack your tent, grab your hiking boots and don't forget the marshmallows. This new specialty area is one part survival skills, one part outdoor navigation and two part s'mores. Wilderness embraces our 10+ acres of forest and nature trails and allows our campers to explore the wilds of NJ without needing to go anywhere at all! Leave your cell phones at home, because Wilderness is all about unplugging from the technological grid, going back to our roots (pun intended) and taking a deep breath of real outdoor air. Off-Roading takes place up at Wilderness and brings exploring to a whole new level! Riding one of our brand new BERG Safari AF Go-Karts, campers will drive into our array of nature trails, with more trails on the way. And because our Go-Karts are peddle-powered, safety remains key!