We take great pride and care into planning each group’s summer schedule, ensuring they have a little bit of everything every week; but we also know how important it is to keep things fun, exciting and fresh!  While each day at Harmony is special for so many different reasons, all throughout the summer we sprinkle “Special Days” that add a different spin on our normal program and calendar.

Special Days range from simple, fun days (like Red, White & Blue Day which proceeds every 4th of July) where campers and staff dress up and are often treated to “special guests” during the day to large scale productions like Carnival, Caribbean Day or the Closing Banquet.

For more information about Special Days from last summer and the summers before, feel free to read on below or see the Special Days Calendar by clicking to the right.

*note: Not every special day listed below will occur during this upcoming summer!  We’re constantly reevaluating what works, coming up with new ideas and taking some days “out of rotation” to keep them in-demand!

Around the World Day
We take a tour of the world without ever leaving Camp grounds!  At lunch, we'll explore foods custom to different nations!

Buckskin/Shadyside Lock-In
An unforgettable 24 hours for our oldest groups not to be missed.  Click here for more information about this once-a-summer event.

Caribbean Day
Developed to be modeled after a port day on a cruise ship, Caribbean Day has everything you’d expect: steel-drum music, Italian Ices, a BBQ lunch on the front lawn (with our once-a-summer chicken wings), “beach time”, tye-dying, face painting and gigantic blow-up water slides on Top Field!

The Camp Harmony Carnival is one of our most beloved traditions, complete with mechanical rides, games, food & prizes.  Our Top Field is transformed into your local neighborhood carnival!  Campers enjoy a grill-out lunch on the lawn with cotton candy, popcorn, and sno-cones for snack!  And, of course, every camper goes home with prizes!

Closing Banquet
The Closing Banquet grew out of an issue: the last day of Camp is one of the saddest days of the year…but Camp isn’t sad!  So many years ago, the Closing Banquet was born!  To celebrate the end of another unforgettable summer, the campers are treated to the traditional banquet lunch: Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixins’ (turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and more)!  In addition to the meal, special videos are shown, songs are sung, and awards are distributed to the staff, including the infamous Salami award for the most notorious staff member of the summer!

Coney Island Day (keep those fingers crossed)
On the hottest days of the summer, campers get a respite from the heat by enjoying Coney Island Day!  Extra time in the pools and activities in all of our air-conditioned facilities allow everyone to beat the heat and relax. Coney Island Days are not planned as part of the schedule and their occurrence is based strictly on weather conditions.

Color War
Click here to learn more about Color War at Camp Harmony (it deserves its own page)!

Costume Ball
A cousin of Marty Gras (our uncle from Boca), Costume Ball includes dressing-up, a decorated gym and a DJ teaching us some of the coolest dances known to Camp!

Crazy Tie Lunch
Bring dad’s best tie from the 80’s to show us just how ugly your tie can be!

Double Day (Double Day)
A day so nice, we do everything twice! A day so nice we do everything twice!  Extra swimming, extra dessert, extra snacks – what could be better better!

Kids Choice Day
The campers take control and make their favorite choices!  Voting occurs the week before (audited by the firm of Splice, Watermouse and Scooper) and is announced at the awards ceremony at Flag Raising.

Mardi Gras
Warren, NJ meets New Orleans, LA when Camp Harmony celebrates Mardi Gras! The entire camp dresses in costumes and puts-on a parade!

Mismatch Day
Get dressed in the dark and wear mismatched clothing with your Camp Harmony or Ugga Bugga shirts!

Mustache Lunch
Take a break from shaving, or just wear (or draw!) a fake mustache!

Open House
The only Special Day before Camp start, Open House is always held the Sunday directly proceeding the start of Camp.  Families of Registered Campers (parents and children) are cordially invited to attend this orientation where you’ll have the chance to meet your Group Leaders and Specialty Heads, get a look around the camp, hobnob with the celebrities of our camp videos and otherwise just say hi to us!

Pajama Brunch
Breakfast for lunch!  Everyone wears pajamas and eats breakfast foods (like waffles and cereal) while watching cartoons on our big screens!

Parents' Day
So big, it needs its own page!  Click here to learn more about our annual Parents’ Day.

Picture Day (for more specific Picture Day information, click here)
Put on your best Camp Harmony shirt and smile for the camera...on Picture Day, our campers are photographed by professional photographers. Parents have the option to purchase the pictures of their children. Every camper receives a photo of their group to help them remember their friends from the summer.

Red, White, and Blue Day
Usually the first Special Day of summer (since it always proceeds July 4th) Red, White, and Blue Day is a celebration of America and patriotism.  Everyone wears the colors of the flag, from head to toe, and often campers are visited by dignitaries who have included Uncle Sam, Uncle Stan and even Senator Amedeo Gambino!

Sports Day
Have your campers wear their favorite sports gear while they munch on hot dogs in our lunch room!  Special visitors have included the Harlem Wizards basketball team, BMX bikers, trampoline masters and more!

Stop, Drop & Rock Day
A new favorite, campers listen all day for music to be piped through the grounds.  When they hear the special song, campers (and counselors) stop what they’re doing and show their best dance moves until the music stops.

Walk A Funny Way Day
Just like the title says – show us your most ridiculous way of getting around Camp!