While we think Camp Harmony provides the absolute BEST possible experience for your child, sometimes you want to see what others are saying! Don't just take our word for it - below are examples of letters, notes and e-mails we've received from actual Camp Harmony families!

In addition, we're happy to provide you with the names & contact information of parents who would love to speak with you about their specific Harmony experiences!

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"I wanted to reach out and say a quick 'thank you' for the amazing day you guys put together for Rock n Roll day last week. I happened to be at Camp that day to pick up my daughter and saw the LIVE band playing at the pool. What a treat! I'm sure you know that many parents will not know about the band or the details of the great day your team created, but I did want to thank you from a parent who saw it firsthand and appreciates the extra touches you put into making Camp Harmony the fun, confidence-building, incredible camp that it is. Thank you for another amazing summer!"
- Mom, Fanwood

"We have been part of the Camp Harmony family for 8 years. My 2 children are happy from the very first moment and sad at the very last. Camp Harmony has allowed them to be who they are and learn SO many valuable life skills along the way. The staff is second to none, I am thankful we have Camp Harmony in our lives!"
- Mom, Green Brook

"I absolutely love going to camp! All of my other friends tell me about their other camps and it is nothing compared to Camp Harmony! I'm going for my 9th year at Camp Harmony and it just keeps getting better and better each year."
- Camper, East Brunswick, Age 10

"I love Camp and this year is going to my 6th! I really enjoy all of the activities, and I love archery! I always look on the website to see how many days there are left until summer! I can't wait to do the zip line again!"
- Camper, Age 8

"The girls are having the BEST summer of their lives! Camp keeps getting better and better!!!!!!"
- Mom, Warren

"Best Camp Ever! Thank you so much for allowing me to come back to Camp and have the best time of my life!"
- Camper, Age 9

"We want to thank all of you for an amazing summer! Our son just adores you. All of the people who worked with him are caring, wonderful people. I said to my son the other day 'You are doing everything so well, you are better than daddy! What happened?', and he said "I'll tell you what happened - Camp Harmony happened.' Thank you for being so wonderful to our little boy."
- Mom, Westfield

"I've been going to Camp Harmony for 6 years and they have been the best summers of my life. I made a lot of friends and Camp feels like family and like home. It gives us a chane to be who we are."
- Camper, Age 12

"Camp Harmony has really been a wonderful experience for [my daughter] - she loved it as a camper and now she loves working there."
- Mom, Basking Ridge

"I have been going to Camp Harmony for 3 summers and they have been the best summers of my life. I have met so many great friends and all year, I look forward to the summer. It is so much fun and everything is great from the food to all the activities and special days. It feels like a home away from home."
- Camper, Age 11

"This is just a note of thanks. My boys were at Harmony for the last 3 summers. This summer they have been at sleep away camp for 7 weeks. Their summers at Harmony were terrific and and helped to prepare them for sleep away (always the ultimate goal for us). I just want to extend a special thanks to those who were really instrumental in making sure their summers at Harmony so memorable!"
- Mom, Westfield