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We take unbelievable pride in cultivating a culture of excellence and loyalty amongst our staff.  Of our approximately 150 staff members, 1/3rd have been at camp for more than 5 years and over 40 staff members are former campers; the majority of our staff are college graduates!  All totaled, our Administrative team has over 200 years of experience at Camp Harmony with Owner & Director Jerry celebrating his 50th summer at Camp in 2014 (that’s 1964 for those counting)!  To learn more about our Administrative Team, click above or here.

Each group has one Group Leader (our version of a head counselor) who is at least 21 years of age and is an education professional.  Groups also have at least two college-age assistants (18 years of age or older), with larger and/or younger groups possibly having more.  Camp Harmony does not employ counselors under 18 years old except for our Junior Counselors who have come through our C.I.T. program and who are used as extra staff in groups and/or specialty areas.

Every Specialty Area (with the exception of Mini-Golf) is coordinated and supervised by a trained specialist, most of whom are education professionals.  Our Specialty Heads have extensive training and many have special certifications for their positions.  All swim instructors & lifeguards are Red Cross certified; our Archery instructor is certified by the National Archery Association of the United States; and all of our Adventure Ropes instructors are certified by The Adventure Network.

Of particular notice is the role of the Lifers at Camp Harmony; something that is unique only to us!  Lifers are staff members who have been selected by the Directors as having shown a lifelong commitment to the betterment of Camp Harmony.  Lifers play a large role in mentoring younger and new staff members and we draw on their vast experience to craft our one-of-a-kind programming and clear message.  To read more about the Camp Harmony Lifers, click above or here.

Every single member of our staff submits themselves to a criminal background check, without exception.  We require at least two references for any staff member and during the summer, all staff are constantly evaluated by our Administrative team.

One of things we pride ourselves on most are our group ratios.  In all of our groups, we maintain at least a 4:1 ratio between staff and campers.  In our younger groups, that ratio is 3:1.  But because all of our Specialty Areas are run by their own staff, at many activities ratios can drop as low a 2:1!  Staff accompany campers everywhere on grounds; campers are never permitted to wander by themselves.  Bathroom trips, forgotten swim goggles, a trip to the nurse for a skinned knee – our staff will always be with your children.

Working at Camp is a balance between being the silliest person in the world while maintaining an unwavering sense of professionalism and care.  If you think you have what it takes, feel free to click the button above or here to submit an application.