Presenting an unique program from Camp Harmony: HomeAwayFromHome, a one-of-a-kind melding of the day camp experience you’ve come to love and the incredible learning and community building adventure that is SLEEP AWAY CAMP!

HomeAwayFromHome (sometimes simply called HomeAway) is a one-week sleep away camp experience that is open for currently enrolled 8-13 year old boys and girls – those campers in Ranger/Shangri-La, Frontier/Woodlands & Buckskin/Shadyside groups.  Taking the best of both worlds, HomeAway takes the highly specialized day camp experience that Camp Harmony has provided for the last 90 years and adds to it a week-long sleep away program that takes place right on our grounds in Warren.  Campers spend Sunday to Friday living on our campus in fully outfitted dormitory “bunks”, attending their normal Harmony programs during the day in their regular groups and remaining on grounds after the vans leave to spend the afternoons and evenings engaged in fun, supervised activities.

Why choose HomeAwayFromHome for your camper?

HomeAwayFromHome will include everything your child will need for a week of living away from home including indoor lodging in our clean, safe and secure bunks on our grounds.  Each boys’ and girls’ bunk has multiple rooms, bunk beds, shelving and storage space, bathrooms with showers and separate areas for staff accommodations.  Each area is carpeted and air-conditioned.  We ask that each camper please bring their own linens for a twin bed, including a fitted sheet, top sheet, comforter/blanket and pillow in a case.  (CLICK HERE to check out the 2017 HomeAway Packing List)

Safety, Security & Supervision
Each HomeAwayFromHome bunk has fully inspected fire suppression systems (sprinklers) and has been inspected and approved for occupancy by Warren Township.  Outside access to these areas is secured by key-carded and alarmed doors and is monitored by security cameras.  At no point will campers be allowed to walk the grounds without adult supervision after dusk and the Warren Township Police Department makes regular patrols of the campus throughout the evening. 

Each bunk will have at least one Group Leader aged staff member and one college aged assistant.  In addition, there will always be a Camp Harmony Director on grounds throughout the program (who is American Red Cross certified in Lifeguarding, First Aid & CPR) as well as other on-call staff including our Camp Nurse.

Campers will be treated to three delicious meals a day, all made fresh in our on-site kitchen: breakfast and dinner are served in addition to their normal lunch at Camp as well as snacks. CLICK HERE to see this summer's HomeAwayFromHome menu!

After 4:00pm, the grounds will belong to your campers!  HomeAway campers will remain on grounds after the vans leave and have a full afternoon and evening of programming including extra time at their favorite Harmony Specialty Areas, group activities, special programs, night swims under the stars, lip-sync contests, canteen and the truly special HomeAway Camp Fire!  All of this, combined with meals, shower times and time in the bunks means your kids will be kept busy while allowing for plenty of the unstructured downtime that is so valued at sleep away camp.

Summer 2018’s HomeAwayFromHome week will take place from Sunday, July 8 – Friday, July 13, 2018.  Campers will be dropped off on Sunday afternoon by their parents, who can help them unpack and become acclimated to bunk living, and will be picked up immediately after Camp on Friday afternoon.  More information about Sunday drop-off will be provided in June.

HomeAwayFromHome includes everything above and is only open to currently enrolled Camp Harmony campers (meaning those registered for Summer 2018).  If a non 8 week camper is scheduled to be absent the above week, families may either choose to switch their weeks, in advance, or can add that additional week by contacting Camp Harmony.  The total price for all accommodations, meals and snacks, 24/7 supervision and programming is $895.00 and is payable in full.  Note that enrollment in Harmony’s HomeAwayFromHome is first come, first served.

Questions & More Information
We strive to address any and all questions to make sure this experience is as good for our parents as it is for our campers. Parents are invited to attend our HomeAway Parent Orientation in the late spring where we'll go over a detailed account of the week's schedule, policies and procedures. In addition, we encourage everyone interested in HomeAway to read our Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here.