In the early 1900’s, the land that would eventually become Camp Harmony actually began as a kibbutz, a communal, agrarian settlement that was founded by those seeking a quiet, country life.  The space went on to become a country retreat (ala the Catskills) catering to children and families from New York City.  In 1926, Israel Steinbaum bought the land and opened the first progressive boarding school in the nation (Home School) along with a summer program he called Camp Harmony.  In 1955, Camp Harmony made the transition to being a day camp and in 1964, Jerry Amedeo joined the staff as Program Director.  In the coming years, Jerry went on to invent much of what has become the current Camp Harmony: from developing our group names (like Pioneer, Blueberrys, etc.) to instituting characters like the Genius and Goat.

In 1969, the first part of the original Activities Building was built along with an addition to the Social Hall (now the upstairs of our current Activities Building) which housed an extensive Arts & Crafts department.  Brothers Moses & Raphael Sawyer were co-Arts & Crafts directors at the time; while both brothers are deceased now, their paintings sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars today.  It is rumored that they painted scenes form "Pirates of Penzance" in fresco on the walls of this old Arts & Crafts room!

One of our former head counselors, Bob Schwartzman would later became the famous ABC radio Disc Jockey Bob-a loo.  Our campers have ranged from the son of a US Supreme Court Justice to the grand children of Leon Hess, owner of Hess Oil and later The New York Jets.  During the 60's, David Kotkin was a camper with a passion for showmanship and performing!  While the name may sound unfamiliar, David Kotkin would later go on to become better known as magician David Copperfield (who returns for a visit every now and then). 

In the spring of 1970, Camp suffered a devastating fire which destroyed the entire top of the main building.  But despite the tragedy, by the start of that summer the building was rebuilt, even adding additional space!   

In 1976, Jerry bought Camp Harmony including the property on both sides of Mount Horeb Road.  What is now know as Dealaman’s Pond & Nature Trail (173 Mt. Horeb Road) was once known as “Down Below” and included playing fields, a swimming pool and lake.  In 1984, due to increasing traffic on Mt. Horeb Road, the property was sold to the Township of Warren.

In 1974, the project of building a new gymnasium began!  But, due to local delays with sewer lines and building codes, construction didn’t actually begin until the Fall of 1985 but was completed by the summer of 1986, opening the door to a new era of indoor space for rainy & excessively hot days.

In the early 2000’s, the entire grounds of Camp Harmony were excavated to build new larger water mains & infrastructure in preparation for a new Activities Building that would be connected to the old one.  During this time, fire suppression systems (sprinklers & alarms) were installed in all of Camp’s winterized buildings and beautiful lamp posts were added for a downtown-like atmosphere!  It took 190,000 sq. feet of new sod to complete the restoration which again was completed in time for that summer.

This excavation & construction was quickly followed by an expansion of our gymnasium to include our new gymnastics & dance rooms as well as adding a third, heated pool directly next to our gym.

Since this massive reimagining of our grounds, Camp has seen many changes to our infrastructure.  New elements & areas like our hockey rink, adventure ropes course, zip line, mini golf course, beach volley ball, gaga court, nature yurt, new playgrounds and more were all added between 1985 and present day.

In 2006, Camp saw one of its largest expansions when we purchased the land north of our Top Field.  The resulting expanded area now meant our campers had over 3 acres & 90,000 sq. feet of fields and open space for sports, programs and other activities!

Although there have been numerous changes in the programs and on the grounds, Camp Harmony has always endeavored to be a positive influence in the lives of children.  We continue to reexamine our grounds & facilities each and every year and have plenty of dreams for our future! To learn more about our facilities (and take a video tour of what our grounds look like now) click here!