Delicious Hot Lunch, Served Fresh Every Single Day!
There’s no need to pack any brown bags in the morning – enjoy that extra 15 minutes with your kids!  Camp Harmony has a long-standing reputation for good food, serving hot lunches made fresh every day!  Lunch is served family-style in our air-conditioned, multimedia Lunchroom and includes things like chicken nuggets, hamburgers, tacos, etc. There are also sandwich options and plain pasta for those who cannot eat what is on the menu for the day. We have salads with each meal to promote healthy eating habits and have also made a significant effort to include more whole wheat and well-rounded food options in our lunch menu.

Camp Harmony really does have a long-standing reputation for delicious food!  Every meal is prepared fresh in our restaurant-grade kitchen which is directly attached to our Lunchroom.  Every dish is served to tables hot and is bottomless.  While our menu does vary throughout the summer, we do tend to pair certain meals with Special Days (like hot dogs on Sports Day).

Lunch is served at two different periods.  First Lunch is for our Munchberrys, Blueberrys, Big Frys, Pioneer I’s and Willowbrook I’s (our 3-6 year olds) and begins at 11:45am.  Second Lunch is for our Pioneer II’s, Willowbrook II’s, Rangers, Shangri-La’s, Frontiers, Woodlands, Buckskins and Shadysides (our 7-12 year olds) and begins at 12:55pm.  For all ages, Lunch is more than just a time to eat – it’s an experience!  For more about our Lunch traditions & activities, click here.

We work hard during the off-season to experiment with new menu items and speak with culinary professionals in an attempt to bring the best tasting food to our tables!  Click below to see this summer's DELICIOUS menu!

Allergy Aware & Nut Free
Camp Harmony is now an Allergy Aware & completely Nut Free facility!  The health and safety of every one of our campers is our #1 priority.  With that in mind, Camp Harmony made the decision to create a completely Allergy Aware facility that is 100% nut free (including products with traces of nuts and products made in facilities that may also produce nut products).

What does it mean to be Allergy Aware?  Through our on-staff Food & Allergy Coordinator, we tirelessly examine every package of food brought into our kitchen to ensure a safe eating environment for your children.  Nothing is served at Camp without knowing its every ingredient.  We believe that every child, including those with food allergies, should be able to look forward to the food at Camp!

While we LOVE to celebrate summer birthdays and other special occasions, we realize that this can cause stress for those families who are dealing with food allergies. Our Food & Allergy Coordinator not only works hand-in-hand with our kitchen staff to inspect all of our lunch ingredients but also works with families who want to bring outside food on grounds for these types of celebrations.

Let’s face it -- a camper’s gotta eat!  We know that with the scheduling of lunches in public school, our lunch times may be later than our campers are used to.  And after a long day of ridiculous fun, it’s good to have something to eat before that van ride home! 

Camp Harmony provides all groups with at least one snack throughout the day. Our campers that eat lunch at 12:55pm (7 years old and up) recieve a mid-morning snack and ALL of our groups recieve an afternoon snack. Snacks in the morning have included cereals, snack bars, raisins, go-gurts and other yummy treats while afternoon snack is traditionally something satisfying on a hot day: ice cream, popsicles, etc.  Fresh fruit is always an options for campers during snack times and like our lunches, all snacks are completely nut-free.