By Phone
During the summer, you can find us on-grounds during the day!  The best way to get a hold of us in a hurry is to give us a call!

Give us a call at 800.UGA.BUGA (800.842.2842)

FAX 732.868.3147

If, during the Camp season, your camper is going to be out, call your driver (they’ll let us know and will want to know if they’re not stopping at your house)!


By Note
Should you need to get us a note during the summer, we’ve got you covered!  We will send you a pad of “UggaBugga Grams” which we would prefer you use for any written communication.  The purpose of providing these UggaBugga Grams is to make it easier for you to write a quick note (and easier for us to spot).  Just give the UggaBugga Gram to your van driver and rest assured, it will get the appropriate person at Camp!  Please do not put them in the camp bags, since they may not be found in time for us to take action!


By Email
For matters that aren’t time sensitive, feel free to reach out to any of our Directors to better assist you. While any of us will try to answer your questions, feel free to direct your email to the appropriate area of concentration:

Jerry Amedeo, Owner/Director Billing and/or Payment
Carol Amedeo, Ed.D., Owner/Director Tours, Registration, Paperwork
Nicole Amedeo Griffith, Assistant Director Staff, Camper or Group issue(s)
Jack Griffith, Assistant Director Transportation or Specialty Areas
Josh Greenbaum Assistant Director Program, Schedules, Special Days & Trips


By Social Media
Want to know what's going on at Camp? Need reminders about what to send in with your campers for what Special Days? Want to see important traffic/weather related van delays? Follow us on Twitter! If you already have a Twitter account you can follow us at @camp_harmony. If not, anyone can see our Twitter page at

We KNOW you're on facebook - and so are we! Make sure to "LIKE" our facebook page so we can share important announcements, Special Day reminders and other information directly in your news feed. It's as easy as visiting us at or just searching for Camp Harmony.


Location and Driving Directions
Camp Harmony is located at 206 Mount Horeb Road in Warren, New Jersey (Somerset County).

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During the Off-Season (end of August through the start of Camp at the end of June)
During the off-season, the best way to reach us is still at 800.UGA.BUGA (842-2842).

For other non-time sensitive inquiries, feel free to e-mail Carol Amedeo (Owner/Director) at


Mailing Address
Please send ALL mail to our P.O. Box:

Camp Harmony
PO Box 4305
Warren, NJ 07059