For our campers going into 1st grade and older, we offer a chance for them to have a little bit extra of their favorite activity as chosen…by them!  These “Clubs & Clinics” are chosen on-line in the weeks preceding Camp and are a great special enrichment period every single day!

Clubs & Clinics is a half-hour period set aside each day to provide campers an opportunity to spend extra time in a favorite specialty.  All of the Camp favorites are there, from Ropes to Archery, but the choices are not limited to just our specialty programs!  In the past, Clubs & Clinics has included activities like Magic, Juggling, Frisbee Golf, Origami and Musical Theatre among others.  “Clubs & Clinics” allows a camper the opportunity to pursue a new hobby or practice a particular skill in a fun-filled atmosphere.  The “Clubs & Clinics” program runs in 4 multi-day cycles and is open to all Pioneer I's & Willowbrook I's (going into 1st grade) and older.

Registration for Clubs & Clinics is done on-line before Camp through families' CampMinder dashboards.

For Summer 2017, we're proud to be offering some of the following Clubs & Clinics options:

Archers to the line!!  Ready, aim, bulls-eye!!  Get that extra time you always wanted at the archery range practicing your bow and arrow skills.

Who wants to be the next LeBron James??  Campers will be able to practice essential basketball skills to become a better player.

Campers will learn the newest and most popular dances around.

Plant, grow, cultivate and farm – it’s what the outdoors is all about! Ecology brings together hands-on exploration of our brand new garden and composting area and mixes in nature hikes, digging, farming and more into one awesome experience.

Flag Football
Go long or run through the defensive line - campers get the chance to live out their NFL fantasies through both football skills and actual games in this exciting choice!

Gaga (or gaga ball) is an Israeli sport that has become a summer camp staple.  This form of pinball is played inside our brand new gaga court (an enclosed octagonal court with approximately 4-foot high walls).  If you are hit below your knees you’re out.  Join the phenomenon that IS gaga at Camp Harmony!

A fun and athletic time for all.  Campers can learn new skills or enhance the ones they already know.

America’s favorite schoolyard game is here at camp.  Kick, run and have a great time playing with your fellow campers.

Makerspace - NEW!
A brand new addition to Camp Harmony in 2017, Makerspace combines all the concepts of project design and execution into a workspace filled with a vast array materials, from cotton balls to 2x4s. Campers get hands-on experience with planning, design, building, problem solving, testing and experimentation all wrapped into an engaging and child-driven program that teaches 21st century skills.

Messy Arts & Crafts
Get dirty, get messy, get artsy! Let your inner preschooler out and create extra messy A&C projects!

Fore!!!!  Campers will have the chance to hone their putting skills and participate in various tournaments on Harmony Greens during this five-day golfing adventure.

Want to concentrate on finishing that symphony? Need more time to fine tune that guitar playing? Campers will have a chance to spend time singing, crafting music and developing lyrics as they enjoy everything the music program at Camp Harmony has to offer.

Musical Theater (will run for ALL cycles)
Is there an academy award in the future for you?  Campers will participate in a full-scale musical production.  They will have a chance to sing, dance and act on stage, all culminating in a camp-wide performance the last week of Camp.  Open to Pioneer II/Willowbrook II (7 years old, going into 2nd Grade) and up. For Summer 2017, Camp Harmony will be presenting the one and only: Annie KIDS!

Rainbow Loom
Take part in the newest camp craze! Turn all the colors under the sun into beautiful bracelets for all to see!

A place for campers to work on their in-line skating ability, roll around on the scooters, or participate in a hockey game.  (Campers must provide their own skates; pads & helmets!)

Swing away!!!  One of the favorite activities at Camp; now is the time to get that extra time on the high ropes course!

Gooooooal!!!  Sharpen your skills and engage in fun-filled games with the world’s most popular game.

Story-Telling, Myths & Lores
Learn ancient myths and stories and the art of telling them through the expertise of Jesse Earthlore!

Game, set and match!!  Campers will work on basic tennis skills while participating in games and contests.

Great game!!  Lighter bat and ball!!  A great game for those who love the game of baseball, and want to hit it out of the park.

Increase your outdoors experience by joining on adventures all throughout our 25 acres! Learn about the wildlife surroudning us, survival skills, camping and other great life lessons!