Todd Cohen
Division Unit Head (DUH) - Boys' Camp

While most people are born in conventional places like hospitals, birth centers, homes or even log cabins, Todd started seeing the world at Camp Harmony.  The rumor is he was born in Cabin 2 – luckily the area has been well-sanitized since then.  Better known as “Ta Da!”, Todd is the newest Division Unit Head (DUH) for the older boys groups and is looking forward to this new and exciting venture!

Originally a native of Clark, NJ, Todd started as a Blueberry with Nicole Director back in 1979.  An honored recipient of the “BS Degree” (Blueberry to Staff), Todd’s camp experiences from fostering friendships to building confidence and skills in each specialty area has molded him into the person he has become today.  His father was Ranger Rick, a longtime Nature Specialty Head at camp and namesake for the Earthlore Cabin.  Todd has always been willing to use comedy (and his trusty bugle) and well as his own familiarity of camp procedures and professionalism to continue to make the Camp Harmony experience so unique, welcoming, and engaging. 

As a camper, Todd remembers learning how to swim from Michele Pool, firing rockets at the top field and attending camp cookouts with his dad and campmates at Nature, and being exposed to a sport that has become a favorite of his – tennis.  Summers weren’t just a break from school, they were an opportunity to interact with new friends and chance to be silly and love it!

During the early days, Todd started his performing career lip-syncing to Eddie Rabbitt’s, “Drivin My Life Away” during an early camp talent show.  From there it was on to many other impressive but mostly goofy renditions and impressions that entertained the camp family.  He began bugling during flag raising in 1985. Todd was a fixture on camp videos, playing the elusive GroundTodd, Former President George H.W. Bush, rap star and performer in the Top 300 Hit “Ladies Ladies”, and dozens of roles including Sheldon in the “Chronicles of Harmony” to Donkey in “Schlep” for the ongoing “Over the Edge of Harmony” series.  One of the most memorable moments in his life was attending and filming impromptu bits with Jerry Director at the 1996 Republican National Convention.  The duo interacted with Dana Carvey, Steve Forbes, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, current Senator Al Franken, Jim Brown, former Governors Tom Kean and Christine Todd Whitman and more! 

After a few years as a Counselor In Training (C.I.T.), Todd’s career as a staff member began as a Pioneer and Ranger Assistant Counselor. He had the pleasure of working under great leaders like Eric Program, bugler instructor Jerry Director, and Joe Torre (well….two out of three ain’t bad).  Following a four-year leave, Todd became a group leader in 2004. He guided the Ranger Eagles in the same cabin alongside Josh Assistant Director and then heading up to the Buckskin Compound with the Frontier, where he supervised several off-site trips.  Todd has been a Color War captain five times (Burger King, County Bumpkins, Automobiles, Fire & Love….which also sounds a James Taylor hit) with an all-time record of 569-2 (or something like that).  He also helped facilitate New Staff Orientation and the Lifer-Newbie Mentorship Program to assist new staff members transition to camp.

Outside of camp, Todd graduated from Rutgers University and is a huge fan of the Scarlet Knights.  He earned his teaching certification at Kean University and taught special education mathematics for over nine years in a public school.  He completed his Masters of Education in Special Education and earned his certification as a Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant.  He currently serves as a Case Manager at the middle school level.  In addition, after losing his father to pancreatic cancer in 2002, he has served as a volunteer and former Volunteer Advisory Council and Media Chair for the Northern New Jersey Affiliate of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.  In his free time, Todd has served as a freelance journalist, covering high school and college events throughout Northern and Central Jersey.

Through the years, camp has meant so much to Todd and it has turned into a family affair.  His father, brother and sister attended and now his niece and nephew get to enjoy in the tradition.  They enjoy peering at the countdown clock to the start of summer.  Even though his goal as a Security Specialist at camp will likely never be realized (the 5-foot-6 frame doesn’t help), he is excited for his new role and many more Summers Of (His and) Your Life!