Laura "Schach" Rodaman
Food & Allergy Coordinator

Laura “Schach” Rodaman (aka Drama Schach) began at Camp Harmony in 1996. She started out as a Willowbrook counselor, and after a few years became a Pioneer I group leader. Before the summer of 2004, Jerry was looking for a few Lifers to become "Specialty Heads." Always up for a new challenge, Laura offered to teach Drama, and hence the name Drama Schach was born! Why doesn't Laura use her first name like many other counselors at camp? Well, during the year she is a teacher in Warren right across the street from camp at Central School (She has been teaching in Warren for 15 years) and it’s just too darn confusing for the kids to call her by her last name for 10 months and her first for 2!

After a couple years of learning the ropes of being a Specialty Head, Laura began taking charge of the planning and organization of Parents Day for the entire camp. She also developed the Musical Theater Club and Clinic which gives campers an opportunity who love to act and sing a chance to put on a special show for the entire camp and their families. Laura says directing the Musical Theater Club and Clinic has been one of the best jobs because not only was it one of her favorite activities at sleep away camp, but she loves watching the kids she works with grow and gain confidence as they learn to perform on a stage!

In Summer 2014, Laura transitioned into a different position: "Food and Allergy Coordinator”. Working with the kitchen, staff members and parents, Laura serves at a key part of the Head Staff team. Laura loves being part of the Camp Harmony family. After all these years, she can't imagine her life without it.