Pam Scopino
Division Unit Head (DUH) - Lower Camp

Pam may have grown up in Warren, but did not get to experience Camp Harmony until 2000, when she was a “grown-up”.  Her sister, Kristin, (Willowbrook, Transportation and Allergy, Food and Allergy), who had been there for many summers, had told her all about Harmony and how great it was to work there. (In fact, it is SO much fun, that you can hardly consider it work at all!)  Kristin was also a “lifer”, a title that Pam longed for and dreamed about, but thought would take forever to obtain, and would NEVER happen. 

Thankfully, the years flew by, and during her first 12 summers she was a Willowbrook counselor, four time Color War Head Captain, AND became a LIFER!  During this time, she also taught preschool and had her own kids; in fact, her son Leo was in the inaugural group of “Munchkins”, the babies of Harmony, when he was only two months old.  He even starred in the infamous “Air Joel” Color War commercial that summer for Air vs. Water. (OK, so it was only a small clip of him crying).

Along with other staff and campers, Pam participated in the recording of the ever famous Harmony song, “I Ugga Bugga”, as well as starred in a few off season videos such as “Jerry’s Angels” and “Harmony Idol”. She has been in many Over the Edge of Harmony productions, including Charlie and the Skill Pin Factory, Grannie, Scooby Doo-Doo and Camp Story.  She also holds the coveted title of “Salami” winner.

Sadly, in 2011, Pam and her family were relocated to Florida, where she works as an Elementary school substitute teacher.  Pam could not imagine a life without Harmony, the fun filled summers, and the lifelong, special friends that she and her kids had made there.  She continued to come back to NJ for the camp seasons as a “floater”, filling in positions where they were needed.  Last summer, she stepped in and helped out in administration as the Food and Allergy coordinator, which provided her an opportunity to get her feet wet as part of the Head Staff.

This summer, Pam is thrilled to be in her new role as the Lower Camp DUH (Division Unit Head), another dream!  She counts down the days when she will be driving back up to NJ for the 17th of the best summers of her life.  Pam and her family may live in Florida now, but New Jersey and Camp Harmony will forever be her home.