Joshua Greenbaum
Assistant Director

Josh's story at Harmony began in 1999 when he was hired as a humble counselor two days before the start of Camp! Working those first eight weeks as a Ranger counselor was an eye opening experience and he has never turned back since! Yes, there where times during college when he toyed with "getting a summer internship" or even times after when he uttered the phrase "twelve month job" but Josh was always stuck coping with the 5 Stages of Camp-Harmony-Summer-Withdrawal:

Denial: Walking outside in January, wearing shorts and saying "C'mon, where's Flag Raising?!"
Bargaining: "Ok Jerry, here's the deal…I'll give you $2.00 if we extend Camp to 12 months…and that's my final offer."
Depression: Crying hysterically while singing the Camp Harmony Blues
Acceptance: "Fine…I'll wait until June every year…but I WON'T like it."

After being a counselor for many years and working with the 7 & 8 year olds, Josh became a Pioneer Group Leader in 2004 and took his spot as a Ranger Group Leader in 2005. Throughout this time, Josh was humbly honored to serve as a three time Color War Captain (TV vs. Movies, Air vs. Water & Love vs. Money) and had various roles in Over the Edge of Harmony including his first starring role in Hairy Potter. After working with the Program staff on various different responsibilities, Josh was promoted to Program Specialist in 2007 and Assistant Director in 2012, a position he is flattered to hold today. Josh works hand-in-hand with the other members of the Program department and Head Staff team in all aspects of planning Camp year-round – from co-writing Over the Edge of Harmony to planning all of the surprises and unpredictable elements that make Camp Harmony a truly one-of-a-kind experience!

Josh has the privilege of working for Camp Harmony 12 months out of the year after spending more than ten years in the non-profit world. He is an avid ski-bum, having worked as a nationally certified ski instructor for over ten years and loves the chance to play his guitar for anything Camp related.

Josh's greatest Camp honor came in 2005 when he was asked by Jerry to co-present the annual Salami award with him at the Closing Banquet, something they have now done in tandem ever since. And his favorite event every summer is definitely the Buckskin/Shadyside Lock-In campfire. But his greatest memory will always be planning and finally asking the love of his life, Elyse DUH, to marry him at the 2010 Closing Banquet! Besides her saying "yes", sharing this moment with so many people they both love could not be beat. Josh and Elyse got married (surrounded by Camp friends and family) in June of 2012.