Jack Griffith, Ed.M.
Assistant Director

Jack was born and raised in North Plainfield, NJ. Although he was never a consistent camper, he shared many good times at Camp Harmony during his early years. Son of the man known to all as "Billy-Bob Nature", Jack was destined to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a part of the Camp Harmony family. In 2000 Jack did just that. He started off as a counselor for the Pioneer II Hawks alongside another Camp Harmony great, Josh Program. The following summer Jack again was paired with another Camp Harmony legend, the man now known as Pete Sports, for a summer as a Frontier counselor. Jack returned from Western Maryland College that spring and convinced Jerry and Carol that he was ready to become a Specialty Head. After attaining his CDL, Jack received his certification for basic level archery instruction from NAA and became Jack Archery.

Several camp seasons passed with Jack Archery running the range. When he wasn't at the range you could find him appearing in Over the Edge of Harmony or as a color war captain for Air vs. Water and Marvel vs. DC. During this time Jack finished up his undergraduate work and received a BA in Sociology from Western Maryland College.

Jack spent two years hanging out in the trees at the Ropes course, one year as Jack Ropechery and one as Jack Ropes. Following his years at the Ropes course, Jack took over the responsibilities of planning and implementing all of the aspects of transportation at Camp Harmony and assisting the Program department in supervising the many Specialty Heads. As Assistant Director, Jack still handles these responsibilities to this day.

In 2014, Jack completed his Masters of Education in Learning, Cognition and Development from Rutgers University Graduate School of Education. Currently he works as a seventh grade special education teacher at Park Middle School in Scotch Plains, NJ teaching language arts, literacy and writing workshop.

Camp Harmony not only allowed Jack to do his favorite thing in the world, work with kids in an awesome environment, but also introduced him to the love of his life. After several summers he was engaged and then married to Nicole Assistant Director. The two now have three boys, Brody, Vaughn & Myer (all campers!) and Jack gets to watch them grow and flourish at Camp every summer.