While every day at Camp is unique to itself, there are a few things we do every day!  Keep reading below to learn about a day in the life at Camp Harmony.

Flag Raising
The first activity of every camp morning is Flag Raising.  After all vans arrive, groups come to the Flag Raising Lawn (right in front of the Lunchroom) for the morning Bugle call, the Pledge of Allegiance, morning announcements and (most importantly) to do our “ugga buggas” (to learn about ugga bugga, click here).  Many times, especially on Special Days, special guests will visit at Flag Raising.  Coney Island Days and even Color War have been known to break out at Flag Raising.  From an organizational standpoint, staff use this morning “assembly” to listen for important announcements and hear changes to the daily schedule.


First Lunch (not the food)
Our first lunch of the day is for our Blueberrys, Big Frys, Pioneer I’s and Willowbrook I’s (our 3-6 year olds).  First Lunch is more than a time to eat – it’s an event in itself!  After ample time to eat, campers are engaged in various activities in the Lunchroom.  Sometimes it’s a song while other times it’s a silly video that we’ve put together.  On Wednesdays, the First Lunch campers are treated to their exclusive skit: The Silly Singing Super Solvers (Under the Age of Harmony), starring Eric Program & Nicole Ass’t Director.  These silly skits are always based around a moral (like brushing your teeth, being afraid of the dark, getting along with your brother/sister, etc.) and all end in Eric and Nicole performing an original song about that subject (all written by our own, very talented Eric Program).  For more information about our Food & Allergy Awareness in Lunch, click here.


Second Lunch (not the food)
Our second lunch of the day is for our Pioneer II’s, Willowbrook II’s, Rangers, Shangri-La’s, Frontiers, Woodlands, Buckskins and Shadysides (our 7-12 year olds).  Lunch truly is an event unto itself!  After ample time to eat, campers take part in various Lunch traditions.

Second Lunch programming begins every day with Phats Pontoon, the Weather Goon.  Every day, a camper is randomly selected to predict the weather at Camp Harmony over the next 24 hours; “rain” or “shine” only…we don’t accept “partly cloudy”.  If the camper is correct, they are rewarded with an ugga bugga shirt (which are normally only worn by the staff)!  But if they're wrong, then they pick out of a hat that contains the name of every single staff member.  The staff member picked gets the dubious honor of going Splash! that Friday (read more about Splash below).   Phats Pontoon is also selected at First Lunch!

Our second character in the Lunchroom every day is The Goat.  Every day a different camper is selected to serve in this post whose original mission was to steal the staff’s desserts!  In First Lunch, the Goat has the option of sitting at the Administrators’ table and stealing Jerry’s dessert!  In Second Lunch, the Goat has evolved into the role of collecting the dessert wrappers and having them counted by Jerry in front of the entire Lunchroom.

On Fridays, only in Second Lunch, campers nominate their counselors for The Genius, an award given for saying the craziest things or making the biggest mistake of the week.  The Genius is democratically selected by voice vote...the counselor who gets the most cheers wins!  The Genius must wear a special 'Genius' award around their neck for the entire week; if they lose it, they go Splash (however many times they lose it)!

Second Lunch has different traditions for different days of the week.  Mondays are “Dance Up On Your Chairs” day where music is pumped into our dining room for a dance party like no other!  Tuesdays are reserved for singing Camp songs.  Wednesdays are our “video” day where campers see silly commercials, small video shorts and watch CHTV, our own weekly news wrap-up by our CITs.  All of our video work is produced in-house (although you’d never know).

Thursdays hold a special place in the hearts of Camp Harmony campers.  A second lunch tradition since 1976, Over the Edge of Harmony is our weekly episodic skit based on popular movies and TV shows. Participating staff members get to flex their acting muscles and (hopefully) embarrass themselves in this live production! All humor and storylines are age-appropriate.  The first week of every summer is spent guessing at that year’s theme!  Summer of 2010 brought with it Jack in the Hood (our Robin Hood spoof) while Summer of 2009 was Day Camp Musical and 2008 was The Whiner, the Mensch and the Stairwell: The Chronicles of Narmony.

For more information about our Food & Allergy Awareness in Lunch, click here.


Every week, after Second Lunch on Fridays, the entire Camp gathers at the Big Pool for something they’d never see in school!  Staff members are selected to be thrown in the pool with their clothes on, to the delight of the campers! The "lucky" staff members dress in fun, colorful costumes for this event.


CHOICE (for our Pioneer II/Willowbrook II and up)
CHOICE afternoons for our Pioneer II/Willowbrook II (7 year olds) and up has become a mainstay at Camp!  Alternating with their 45 minute afternoon free-swim, these groups gather in front of the gym every day after Lunch to have an extra period to choose from various “open” Specialty Areas!  The array changes daily (as does which groups pick first) so our campers get a fantastic opportunity to experience more of what they love.  Whether it’s another go on the Zip Line or an extra period of Cooking, our oldest groups have loved the entry of this choice period into their schedule.


At the end of every day, the entire Camp once again assembles - this time on our Assembly Lawn located outside of the gym.  Groups sit together and finish their end-of-the-day snacks while we ensure that every camper is present and all of our cabins and areas are clear.  Once present, Jerry gives final announcements and dismisses groups to their vans.


A few more daily notes:

Keeping your children constantly protected against the sun is something we take very seriously (after all, we pride ourselves on sunny days)!  We do request that you apply sunscreen to your camper(s) every morning before they board the camp van.  Sunscreen will be reapplied twice daily during the camp day (and more if necessary).  We do provide the sunscreen, but you’re also free to send in your own if you prefer!

Rainy Days
Believe it not, our ugga buggas DO work.  That said, even our ugga buggas can’t always stop the inclement weather 100% of the time (we think 95% is still pretty good odds)!  That said, due to our facilities, RAINY DAYS TO NOT ALTER OUR PROGRAM.  Our air-conditioned Gym, Lunchroom, Activities Building and groups’ cabins all provide plenty of indoor space for our programming to continue uninterrupted.  Outdoor Specialty Areas travel to their groups, having prepared special Rainy Day lessons.